AS LOCATION (A.S Location)

Location de voiture

Apport personnel minimum : 10000 EUR

Type de contrat : partenariat

WSI CORPORATE : La meilleure solution anti-spams et sécurité des réseaux

Internet security firm mi2g Ltd estimates that digital attacks from hackers and viruses have resulted in over $100 billion in damages to websites worldwide in 2003.
A record level of attacks-20,000, in the month of January alone-helped make Internet security one of the leading issues in the online world in 2003. It is predicted that these numbers will continue to increase with the total economic damage from all types of digital attacks worldwide passing the $250 billion mark in 2004. This poses a serious threat to online businesses, but it's a threat that can be combated through proper education on the subject. This is the message being relayed internationally by WSI Corporate, the world's largest network of Internet Consultants.
Once a business has made the decision to go online there are a number of important considerations beyond the development of the site itself. Concepts such as security-an ongoing and evolving process-is rarely given the attention it deserves. Through the consulting services offered by WSI Corporate, a business can acquire the critical knowledge it needs to protect itself from becoming an Internet security statistic.
"Education is the key to a business protecting itself online," explains WSI Internet Consultant Rene Garcia. "Everyday companies unknowingly make mistakes that leave their systems vulnerable to digital attacks. With the proper knowledge and software in place these mistakes can be avoided, saving money and increasing productivity and efficiency in the process."
Typically, the news media focuses on attacks to large corporations and government agencies, leaving small- to medium-sized businesses with the impression that Internet security isn't an issue that concerns them. Unfortunately this isn't the case. Any business, no matter what its size or function faces potential threats from hackers each day for numerous reasons.
About WSI
WSI, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is ranked the #1 Internet Services Business in the world and the 4th fastest-growing International Franchise. With systems that have been developed, utilized and proven by over 700 Internet Consultants in 87 countries worldwide, WSI delivers thousands of e-Business solutions to small and medium sized businesses annually.

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